14 signs that your crush may be into you

It’s not hard to tell if a girl likes you. The problem is, sometimes she doesn’t know how to tell you.

14 signs that your crush may be into you

1. She waves at you while walking by.

2. She looks your way when talking to her friends or family.

3. She smiles when she sees you not just when someone else smiles at her first.

4. She talks about you with her friends and not just saying the first things that come to mind.

5. She shows interest in your interests and activities. For example, she asks questions about them and talks about them with other people who share the same interests as well.

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6. They compliment you on your appearance.

7. They text or call you frequently.

8. They initiate contact with you.

9. They make an effort to see you in person.

10. They give you intense eye contact when they are talking to you.

11. They try to touch or hold your hand.

12. They want to hang out with you alone.

13. They show that they’re jealous of other people who talk to you.

14. They ask about your day and what’s going on in your life.

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