7 Big Markets to Buy Phone Accessories at Wholesale Price in Nigeria

If you are looking for phone accessories at wholesale price in Nigeria, then this guide will help you.

There are many phone accessory distributors, importers and wholesalers in Nigeria. But not all of them can be trusted. Some of them sell fake products and others may not have the right kind of quality that you need.

You need to find a good supplier who can offer you high quality products at an affordable price. The following are some of the best places where you can buy phone accessories at wholesale prices:

7 Big Markets to Buy Phone Accessories at Wholesale Price in Nigeria

There are many wholesale markets in Nigeria that you can buy phone accessories at wholesale price. These include:

1. NITA Market (Abuja)

NITA market is one of the largest wholesale markets for all kinds of goods in Nigeria. It is located in Abuja and it has a very big market for electronics goods such as phones and tablets, laptops, computer parts and accessories among others.

2. Ijeshatedo Market (Ibadan)

Ijeshatedo Market is another popular market place where you can buy a lot of electronic devices at wholesale prices including phones, tablets and laptops among other things. This market is located in Ibadan but it also has branches in different cities across Nigeria including Lagos and Enugu among others.

3. Oshodi Computer Village (Lagos)

Oshodi Computer Village is another popular market where you can buy various electronics devices at wholesale price including phones and tablets among others. However, this market has more than just electronics because you can also find other items like clothes and shoes among others here as well.

4. Festac Town, Lagos

Festac town is one of the most popular places in Lagos state where you can get quality phone accessories at affordable prices. Many Nigerians go to this market to buy all sorts of mobile phones accessories like earphones, batteries and chargers among others.

5. Aba market (Lagos)

This is one of the biggest markets in Nigeria and it has an array of products ranging from clothes to electronics. The best part about buying in Aba market is that you will get the best deals on electronics because they sell everything at a very low price compared to other markets such as Ikeja Computer Village or Lagos Island Computer Village.

6.  Ikeja Computer Village Lagos

This market is known for its cheap electronics but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer good quality products because they do have good quality products too! You can get phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets at Ikeja Computer Village for a cheaper price than any other place in Nigeria. Plus, if you buy from this market, there are no sales tax charges so that

7 . Alibaba Lagos

Alibaba is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world today. It connects buyers with sellers from all over the world, making it ideal for international trade. It also allows sellers to set up their own online shops where customers can place orders for goods directly from them.

This makes Alibaba an excellent place to find wholesale deals on electronics like smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. If you are looking for a reliable supplier for mobile phones accessories such as chargers, cables or cases among others then this is where you should start your search.

You can buy 20 pieces of ear piece N2,000, you can buy use cords at rate of N50-100, you can buy fast Qualcomm chargers starting from N150.

7 Big Markets to Buy Phone Accessories at Wholesale Price in Nigeria

However, there are things that you need to consider before you venture into any business. One of them is finding out where the market is so that you can sell your goods or services. If you want to sell phone accessories at wholesale price in Nigeria, here are some tips:

1. Research the market thoroughly before starting a business there. This means you need to find out which items people will buy from you, how much they’ll pay for them and how many customers are available in your area or country.

You also need to know who your competitors are and what their prices are like so that you can offer better deals than them or offer different products or services altogether.

2. Find out where your target audience hangs out most often by going into those places yourself or asking friends who live locally if they know about popular hangouts for people who might be interested in buying phones or other accessories from you at a low cost but still high quality level of service.

Where to Buy provision items in bulks

You can buy all your provision items at wholesale price in one of these markets Alaba International Market, Oshodi Lagos Main Market, Onisha main market and FESTAC MARKET.


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  1. Gawash Mathias Regeh says:

    I wish to go into this business of buying selling of phone and other accessories. How can I get a supplier?

      1. I’m in oyo state shaki and I like to go into the business and how do I get goods directly to my location as you can be supplying me

      2. Terwase luper Henry says:

        Am Henry from Abuja I want to go into phone assoceries business how can i get a supplier?

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    I want to start selling the accessories phone and other items so how will go about it I’m from Osun State

  3. Ndifreke Ubure says:

    I want to start phone accessories business in uyo

    1. You’ll need to alaba or computer village and buy in bulk at discounted prices

      1. Emmanuel ugbaja says:

        What of me that want to be running online store

          1. Caly Girl says:

            Where can someone purchase that.?

  4. Alonge Friday says:

    How can I get a supplier for cell phones accessories and electrical products in bulk I live Lagos but planing to relocate to Edo state

  5. Alonge Friday says:

    How can I get a supplier for cell phones accessories and electrical products in bulk I live in Lagos but planing to relocate to Edo state . I need a feedback asap

  6. Favour olamma says:

    I have a phone accessories shop at pH how do I get a supplier come to Ikeja and buy at whole sale price from importers

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