8 Big markets to buy Okrika bale in Nigeria

There are many markets to buy Okrika bale clothes in Nigeria. First of all, you can buy Okrika bale clothes at Lagos markets at a wholesale price. These markets are huge and they sell everything.

There are many people who are making a living out of selling these clothes. Most of the people are selling them at market and some are doing it on the streets.

The market is growing day by day, as more and more people have realized that this kind of clothing offers them a good source of income. It can be done by anyone who has a passion for fashion and style.

8 Big markets to buy Okrika bale in Nigeria

1. Balogun Market

2. Yaba Market

3. Tejuosho Market

4. Aswani Market

5. Katangua market

6. Badagry market

7. Oshodi market

8. Bale market

From my idea this are the best place to buy in bulk okrika. All these markets can be found in Lagos state.

If you want buy Okrika bale at wholesale price and make big profit buy from oshodi market & balogun market direct from importers.


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