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£90M Superstar Accepts Manchester United’s Offer, Rejects PSG. Medical Scheduled This week.

£90M Superstar Accepts Manchester United's Offer, Rejects PSG

£90M Superstar Accepts Manchester United’s Offer, Rejects PSG

Paris Saint-Germain are trying to rival Manchester United in the race to sign Atalanta starlet Rasmus Hojlund.

The battle for the talented striker, Hojlund, has intensified between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

While PSG is offering a higher salary package, the young player has expressed a strong preference for a move to Old Trafford, giving Manchester United an advantage in the pursuit.

Hojlund emerged as a top target for Manchester United after their pursuit of Harry Kane proved unfeasible due to high demands.

The club has been working diligently to secure Hojlund’s signature, but negotiations with Atalanta have proven complex due to the Italian club’s significant asking price.

Atalanta, recognizing Hojlund’s immense potential after a standout season, initially set an asking price of €100 million. Although they have slightly lowered their demands, they remain steadfast at around €80 million.

Manchester United, however, is determined to secure the player and is reluctant to meet Atalanta’s exorbitant demands. They are willing to offer €70 million plus bonuses as their highest bid.

Manchester United is counting on Hojlund’s desire to play for them, hoping it will influence Atalanta to reconsider their demands and facilitate the transfer to the “Theatre of Dreams.”

On the other hand, PSG has been trying to exploit the difference in valuation between the two clubs to outmaneuver Manchester United. However, Hojlund’s strong inclination towards the record English champions makes PSG’s task challenging.

Meanwhile, PSG is also making efforts to convince Tottenham Hotspur to sell Harry Kane to them instead of Bayern Munich. Despite PSG’s late interest, Bayern Munich remains confident in their pursuit of Kane.

Additionally, PSG has expressed interest in Juventus striker Dusan Vlahovic. Vlahovic, open to a move after losing favor at Juventus, could be an alternative option for PSG in their search for a new striker.

As the race for Hojlund intensifies and negotiations continue, both Manchester United and PSG are making strategic moves to bolster their attacking options for the upcoming season.

The final outcome remains uncertain, but the allure of joining one of these European giants is certainly exciting for the young Danish talent.

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