A Catholic Father Told Me To Pay Him The Money He Had Paid My School Fees By Sleeping With Him

A woman has narrated her story of how her Catholic father sponsored her education and later asked her to pay him back the money used in sending her to the university. Her priest offered her a job after graduating and asked her to pay him back all the money he spent on her education by sleeping with him.

Ann (not her real name) was raised by a single mother. Due to financial hardship, she had to abandon her education. They sent her to the neighboring town to work as a house help. She got a sponsor, but she failed in her academics. She struggled academically during high school and didn’t improve much after graduating form four. 

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However, her sponsor was not prepared to pay for her higher education. Ann decided to ask the Catholic priest at her church for financial assistance. The priest agreed to sponsor her university education. She graduated from catering school and was now working at a certain hotel.

The father called her to let her know about a vacancy in the church and wanted her to occupy the vacancy. He booked a hotel and asked her to meet him there. Ann went to his hotel room because she trusted him and never imagined he would request sex.

Ann put her confidence in her father, but he turned out to be very different from what she had expected. He asked her to sleep with him in exchange for the money he had used to pay her tuition. Ann first said no, but her father assured her he’d be there to help anytime if she slept with him. She gave in to the pressure and slept with him.

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Since then, her life has been a living hell, with one problem after another. Everything she does doesn’t succeed. She is requesting a genuine man of God to do deliverance for her.

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