Nigerians Bitter as African Presidents Receive Casual Reception in UK Compared to Joe Biden

Netizens expressed their anger after an African leader is seen in viral video making rounds in social media allegedly refusing to greet his fellow country men by hand. 

In the video making rounds in social media, Cyril Ramaphosa, the president of South Africa, is seen alighting from an aeroplane while in Britain to attend the Queen’s burial and shakes the hands of two white men but only waves to the other men who had come to welcome him.

Netizens have taken it to social media to say that the African leader was being racist in his acts. Below are some comments by social media users.

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Below is the link to see the viral video making rounds in social media.

Some netizens also alleged that racism was seen at the Queen’s burial when African leaders were asked not to attend the funeral with their convoys but rather be taken by bus. It was only president Biden of the United States of America who was allowed to go with his convoy.

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