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After a rocky start, Alisson tells Andre Onana about his biggest mistake at Manchester United

After a challenging start, Alisson tells Andre Onana the biggest error he’s made at Manchester United.

Alisson Becker, the custodian for Liverpool, has already revealed to Andre Onana what his worst error at Manchester United was.

At a rumoured £47.2 million, Onana joined United during the summer transfer window.

The Cameroon international, nevertheless, has had a difficult time adjusting to life at Old Trafford.

Many people have questioned Onana’s positioning after he gave up a few easy goals.

Since Onana is believed to have superior distribution abilities than David de Gea, the Spaniard was signed to take David de Gea’s spot.

Alisson, the top goalkeeper for Liverpool, has reminded Onana and the other goalies that saving goals—rather than their skill with the ball at their feet—remains the most crucial factor.

He told Liverpool’s official website: “Still saving goals. Of course, I think you see goalkeepers playing more with their feet from the back and you see teams playing more with their feet from the back, not only kicking long balls.

“That affects our position a little bit, but I don’t think it changed too much. We just improved things because of the necessity of what football is asking for. Football today is asking for a team who builds up.”

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Alisson continued: “The goalkeeper needs to play, to be good with his feet, but the main part is making saves and doing what a goalkeeper does – leading the team, claiming crosses. So I think playing with your feet is more an extra thing than the main thing for a goalkeeper.

“Every circumstance is unique, and I don’t always act in the same way. This, in my opinion, makes things harder for the attacker since they may just do something new if they know how I respond in any circumstance. Every situation and save is different, thus I try not to do things that are predictable.”

Alisson has been recognised as the world’s greatest custodian for the past few seasons after making several crucial saves for Liverpool.


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