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Andre Onana, according to the former goalie, is “better than De Gea,” but he has one weakness.

Former Premier League goalkeeper David James offered insights on Andre Onana’s problems at Manchester United, speculating that there may be a deeper cause for his difficulties in Europe.

The Red Devils were eliminated from the knockout stages of the Champions League due to Onana’s inconsistent play this season.

Although Onana has given up 21 goals in the Premier League, statistical research suggests that, given the shots he faced, he ought to have given up 24 goals.

James notes that Onana has outstanding ball distribution abilities that outperform many in the league, but he worries if the club is making the most of this strength.

James highlights Onana’s ability to start swift team moves with his distribution, comparing him favorably to David De Gea. This is an important component of the modern game.

He questions whether Manchester United’s goalkeeper instruction takes Onana’s unique needs into consideration and voiced worries about it.

James thinks Onana can eventually show Manchester United how valuable he is, even in the face of obstacles, particularly with the right coaching guidance.

With his improved Premier League play, Onana has shown to be a significant improvement over David De Gea, who has been without a club since his summer release.

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