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Anthony Martial may have one more chance to salvage his career with Manchester United.

Anthony Martial might be the hapless winner of Manchester United’s most recent injury scare.

When Manchester United gambled on Rasmus Hojlund during the summer transfer window, they were taking a chance. If it is a wise choice, that much is yet unknown.

Hojlund has reminded people of how raw he is, but he has also displayed flashes of the skill that could one day make him a world-class striker. He has a great deal of potential, but it’s only potential.

He must be appropriately nurtured and handled in order to fulfill it. Overplaying him always carries the risk of hurting him or putting too much strain on him, which he just cannot handle.

It has been predicted thus far. In certain games, Hojlund has been outstanding; in others, he has been nameless. It is to be expected from a 20-year-old striker who is fresh to the Premier League, but he is being evaluated based on a cost, goal total, and consistency level that he would never be able to achieve at such a young age in his career.

The problem for United isn’t the man they signed; rather, it’s the lack of encouragement he has received. If things had gone according to plan, he would have been signed with a more seasoned attacker, but instead he gets to lead it each week.

When United plays its next game after the international break, the conundrum might become even more clear. After sustaining a muscular strain during the win against Luton, Hojlund should be back before the end of the month, though he might not be 100% fit for the trip to Everton on November 26.

If United hadn’t absolutely had to, they wouldn’t want to risk Hojlund against Everton, especially as they won’t have Marcus Rashford available for their crucial match against Galatasaray three days later.

It implies that Anthony Martial may need to find another lifeline, and Erik ten Hag may need to find an attacking substitute at Goodison Park.

Since Ten Hag joined the team, the Frenchman has been mainly out of favor, and his lackluster performance last year was his best chance to make an impression on the boss.

Even though Martial has a great deal of skill, his strike rate and availability have been judged inconsistent, and it is evident that he is no longer a striker that can be counted on to the same extent.

However, there may still be a role to be fulfilled as a fallback. Despite playing three times fewer minutes and mostly being forced to start games from the bench, he has scored one goal this season, matching Marcus Rashford’s total.

It would only take one game for Rashford to regain his confidence in front of goal and go on a purple patch, as Ten Hag was eager to point out last week, and it would be disingenuous to deny Martial the same leeway.

Although there hasn’t been much evidence this season to support that strategy, Rashford would still be the front-runner to start in Hojlund’s stead as a center-forward against Everton given Ten Hag’s continuous support for him.

Whatever transpires should provide new insight into Martial’s future as his United contract draws to an end. If he hopes to stay into the summer of 2020, a remarkable comeback will be necessary.

If they wish to preserve his market value, United can choose to keep him on for another year, but under Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s new coaching structure, they may choose to let him go for free if they are not sure they will be able to find a buyer.

Martial won’t be deluded about his future if he can’t even get off to a start at Everton while Hojlund is resting. Seize the chance and seize it, and he may have one more chance to make amends. Not that it ought to.

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