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Antony is urged by Dimitar Berbatov to cease his “stupid things” in order to restore Manchester United’s form.

The future of Man United’s Antony, a winger, is uncertain because he has not yet contributed a goal or an assist for the Reds this season.

In an effort to get Antony to improve at Manchester United, Dimitar Berbatov has pushed him to give up trying “stupid things like tricks.”

The Brazilian winger has had a challenging start to the 2023–24 campaign, making just 11 games without a goal or assist. Last Saturday at Fulham, Erik ten Hag sent Antony off after 63 minutes due to yet another subpar performance; the crowd responded with a mix of mocking laughter and sarcastic applause.

In recent weeks, Ten Hag has made an effort to defend his signing from Ajax by calling him a “fighter.” But Berbatov is certain that if the forward returns to his fundamentals, he can improve.

The former Bulgarian international gave the following explanation in an interview with Betfair: “Everyone knows that Erik ten Hag likes Antony because they worked together at Ajax. Since every coach has this relationship with some players, it’s obvious that he has a soft place for them.

“Ten Hag is placing his trust in Antony. Every time Antony takes the field, he must prove to Ten Hag that he deserves his faith and work tirelessly to demonstrate, “Yes, boss, you’re trusting me; I don’t want to let you or the team down.”

“But, as of right now, Antony isn’t finding it effective, so I would advise keeping things straightforward and avoid overcomplication. You’ll suffer more in games if you start to believe you’re Ronaldinho or Zinedine Zidane when you’re having trouble. Avoid attempting foolish maneuvers or tricks that will not help the team.

“Take advantage of your quickness to go past the defense, gain possession of the ball, and begin dishing out assists or attempting to score. That’s all there is to it. It’s not that hard to maintain focus and discipline.

“But given that everyone saw Antony wasn’t at his best against Fulham, I wouldn’t be shocked if he missed the following game. Let us now await Ten Hag’s decision.

“Antony has talent, but don’t make things too complicated. Once your confidence has returned, you can begin demonstrating your skills and playing the more challenging aspects of the game.”

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