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As soon as Robbie Savage praises Bruno Fernandes, supporters at TNT Sports become enraged. Rio Ferdinand and the Welshman are paired together for co-comms during Man United’s crucial match at Galatasaray.

Robbie Savage’s compliments to Bruno Fernandes backfired right away, as the captain of United gave away a free kick that resulted in a goal for Galatasaray.

The Portuguese player’s incredible strike in the eighteenth minute, which gave Erik ten Hag’s team a two-goal lead in their pivotal Champions League match, was well-deserved.

His insistence on applauding the midfielder for tracking back during a following attack, however, surprised the crowd.

Just a few moments later, former Chelsea winger Hakim Ziyech provided the Turkish team a way back into the match with the ensuing set-piece, making Savage repent his adoration.

When Fernandes brought down the Galatasaray player on the edge of the box, Robbie Savage was there fussing over him, and United conceded from that play. This was one of the many jokes fans made on social media about the United academy product.

Robbie Savage was promptly held accountable for his commendation of Bruno Fernandes.

After receiving a yellow card for his antics, Fernandes observed Galatasaray reclaim the lead with a goal.

“Fernandes is a fantastic player, but he’s trying so hard to look like a great captain.” Someone else wrote. “See, look at him run back,” as if it weren’t a regular necessity. The player then concedes an unnecessary foul.

“Robbie Savage’s praise for Bruno Fernandes for tracking back, giving a foul, and giving a goal away from the foul” was observed by a third person as “the biggest commentator’s curse in football.”

Scott McTominay gave United their two-goal lead back after the half, but goals from Ziyech and Muhammed Kerem Akturkoglu leveled the score in Turkey.

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