Best Profitable Business You Can Start With 50k In Nigeria Right Now

Starting up a business could be perplexing especially if you don’t have any business ideas already in your mind & you’re totally perplexed but don’t worry legit trust will be listing best Profitable Business You Can Start With 50k In Nigeria Right Now.

Which business can i start with 50k

1. Soap production, fast food/truck food, okara, truck food, fresh fish/ smoke fish, garri production and food stuffs.

I believe this are the small businesses anyone can start with 50,000 naira. These businesss are best suitable for your budget and you can easily set up any of these business ideas with 50,000 naira.

Soap production, fast food, okara, truck food, flesh fish/ smoke fish, garri production and food stuffs. If you start to start with any of these businesses you’re certainly guaranteed daily profit at least 4,000 upwards.

2. You can start with soap production and sell to provision stores. Garri production is very profitable while you produce in bulks and sell to wholesalers, fast food is profitable if you’re a good cook.

3. Fresh fish/ smoke fish is way profitable just like other businesses I mentioned. Imagine selling 3 bags of fish every day, imagine going home with10,000 naira profits every day after selling 3 bags or more.

4. Dry cleaner/laundry business, mini importation, Okrika business

Dry cleaning business is profitable but you might encounter challenges as a starter if you don’t have a washing machine. You can be doing the laundry by yourself but one thing is certain you could be making up to 15,000 naira in a day.

5. Okrika business is very profitable if you understand the business. Ding go into it if you don’t have knowledge of it. You can buy bags of clothes as low as 15,000 naira and sell up to 60,000 naira. Please go learn this business before venturing into it.

6. Mini importation is profitable just like other businesses. If you know you’re a good marketer you can start mini importation business, buy goods from AliExpress and resell it here. Imagine buying Bluetooth earpod 1200 and resell it for 5,000 naira. You can buy buy finger sleeve 900 for 10 pieces and sell 1000 naira for one piece.

7. Affiliate marketing, book selling, blogging, YouTube, app selling.

Acomes the digital business, in my own opinion I think starting a digital business today is something you shouldn’t be contemplating.

8. Affiliate marketing can make you a millionaire if you’re a good marketer. I will suggest you you buy or get free affiliate pdf. Read affiliate marketing tutorial before venturing into affiliate marketing. To start affiliate marketing is free but you need to have affiliate marketing knowledge.

9. Book selling can also make you a millionaire. People are cashing out by selling their books on Amazon. This business doesn’t require capital to start but at least you need to be a good author/ writer.

10. Application selling is profitable if you can create apps and sell them on play store. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online but if you don’t know how t create an application maybe you should hire a developer.

11. Blogging is profitable but takes time to start earning so you have to invest your time and money as well. Blogging is that kind of business you can start with 30,000 naira in the next 3 years you will be earning in millions.


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