Best Small Business Ideas for Women in Nigeria

Are you a woman looking for a small business to venture into with small capital and grow it? Well, you’re at the right place, and I will list the best small business ideas for women in Nigeria. 

Okay! We will work with your budget. Let’s assume your capital is between 5000 and 300,000 naira and you don’t know which business to venture into that will grow. Okay, there are many businesses to start depending on your capital and what you can do.

So, what are the best small business ideas for women in Nigeria? The aim of establishing a business is to grow it and earn profits. So I’ll be listing business ideas I think are best for women with small capital to venture into and become very successful.

1. Food truck Business

Food truck business is one of the best businesses to venture into with a capital as small as 10,000 naira. If you’re a good cook, why not start a food truck business with your small capital? You’re guaranteed a thousand daily profits and you can upgrade it to a restaurant later.

2. Restaurant business

Restaurant business is one of the booming businesses you can start and be rest assured of immediate profit. Before venturing into the restaurant business, make sure you’re a good cook or hire a caterer. Restaurant business can take you to glory. I’m here if you need a business planner, just reach out to me.

3. Ice cream and baking Business

Baking is for women who can bake. Why not combine it with ice cream? Yes, you can do the two at the same time and become an ice cream manufacturer and supplier. It’s very lucrative if you have a cooling refrigerator and a baking oven. You could be making up to 100,000 to 200,000 naira weekly.

4. Okrika wears and shoes business

Wears is one of the businesses to start with small capital. You can start your own business with 20,000 naira upwards. Togo sells a bag of Okrika for 15,000 and more. You can buy at a whole sale price from importers if you’re living in Lagos, but far more cheaper in Togo, especially shoes.

5. The hair and beauty salon, tailoring, and cosmetic business.

This is a secret independence and successful women won’t reveal to you. The truth is that you can parachute your way to success in the hair and beauty salon, tailoring, and cosmetics business. So decide on the one within your capital bracket and start it. You will see success.

6. Cooking gas, plantain chips, okara, ice-block and catering

Before I move over to digital business, these businesses I listed below are very lucrative. If you are starting with a small capital, you might consider these Best Small Business Ideas for Women in Nigeria.

Cooking gas, plantain chips, okara, ice blocks, and catering are very lucrative. I’ll advise you to pick one of them if your budget is around 20,000 naira, but mind you, if you want to start a cooking gas refilling business, you will need a shop and that might trigger your budget.

Plantain chips, Okara, Ice Cream, and Catering They are all small businesses. You can start with 20,000 naira upwards. You can combine your catering business with baking so as to make more profits.

7. Food stuffs, provision store, Cray fish wholesale, garri wholesale, flesh fish

These are also recommended businesses you can start in Nigeria with small capital and grow it into a big one. This business requires at least 30,000 naira to start and there’s a profit in it, especially when you buy in large quantities.

Provision store is competitive; it’s not recommended if your capital is below 100,000 naira, though you can start it with a small capital if there isn’t much competition in your area.

8. Blogging, YouTube, mini importation, and content creation

Did you know you can invest online and make money? Well, if you are observant, you will see that advertisements are placed on our website and we get some dollars whenever a visitor clicks them. So, starting a blog and monetising it could be a sure business that will eventually grow into multi million business.

You can start mini importation or set up your own online store just like Jumia, AliExpress. You can buy goods at a discounted price from AliExpress and sell them here in Nigeria. You can buy wigs for 2000 naira and resell tit for 15,000 naira. You can buy an electronic hand fan for 800 naira from AliExpress and resell it for 5000 naira in Nigeria.

You can make videos, post them on YouTube, get them monetised, and start earning thousands of dollars monthly. You can earn money by writing for websites such as Opera News and scooper news.

My advice is that if there is any business that your capital can start, please go ahead with that one and don’t forget to come back here for more business tips.


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