Best Unlimited Data Plans For Heavy Internet Users

Best Unlimited Data Plan For Heavy Internet Users

Everyone needs data to carry out their online activities, but some need small data to open their social media accounts while others are heavy data consumers. Some people consume up to 50 GB daily. Nevertheless, if you you want data in this post i will reveal The Best Unlimited Data Plan for Heavy Internet Users.

As a heavy internet user, I guess unlimited data will meet up with your daily internet usage, be it for downloading, streaming, company use, whatever it’s. Unlimited data is what legittrust will show you how to get with Just a token of naira.

Best Unlimited Internet Data Plans for Heavy Internet Users

1. Ntel

Ntel is the only network provider in Nigeria that offers unlimited browsing to all their subscription plans.

Be it daily plan, weekly or monthly, all their data plans are unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about undisrupted data anymore. Best Unlimited Data Plan For Heavy Internet Users

Their data plan starts as low as 1,500 naira. Bear in mind that all their data plans are unlimited with high internet speed with no data, so if you don’t have a ntel sim, kindly buy one or subscribe to their wifi if you’re living in Lagos & Abuja for unlimited browsing.

2. MTN

MTN doesn’t have an unlimited data plan, but if you’re a heavy data user, you must know that *121*2# offers cheap data plans. With *121*2#, MTN will offer you cheap data subscriptions according to your subscription plan.

Best Unlimited Data Plan For Heavy Internet Users

If you are the type that buys 9 GB for 2000, MTN will offer cheap data plans based on your current subscription. It varies, like 5000 naira for 40 GB, 3500 for 24 GB, 7000 naira for 70 GB, and 9000 for 100 GB.

MTN night plan should not be overlooked because it offers 2GB for 200 naira and is only available at night from 11pm to 6am. To subscribe, dial *406#, it is only available to mpulse subscribers.

3. Airtel

For browsing unlimited, Ntel is the best network followed by MTN, but if you’re not a fan of these two networks and you’re an Airtel user, well, there’s still good news for you as you can subscribe to Airtel 350 for 1 GB and 500 naira for 2GB. Just dial *141*504#.

I’ll advise you to get a Ntel sim card for browsing or any time you want to download. One good thing about Ntel is that all their data plans are unlimited. For as low as 500 naira, you will subscribe to one of their data plans.



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