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Breaking News: Red Sox favourite catcher signs with Royals in an attempt to …

One former Red Sox player has apparently moved on to the Royals.

There will be another chance for a former member of the Boston Red Sox to make it to the big leagues.

After leaving Boston before the 2020 season, former Red Sox catcher Sandy León has been all around the league. Since then, he has played for the Texas Rangers, Miami Marlins, Cleveland Guardians, and Minnesota Twins in the major leagues.

Following his official minor league contract signing on Wednesday with the Kansas City Royals, León now has the chance to play in the major leagues with a different organization. León was also invited to Spring Training by the team.

“We are pleased to announce that Sandy León, our new catcher, has been signed to a minor league contract and has been invited to big league Spring Training.”

It’s not shocking at all that a team like Kansas City is taking a risk on León. Having worked in the big leagues for twelve years, he possesses a plethora of knowledge. Although Salvador Pérez seems to be Kansas City’s primary catcher, it’s always a good idea to have additional depth.

Should he demonstrate good performance in Spring Training, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him given another chance in a major league environment. He has proven throughout his career that even if he has trouble scoring, he is a solid defensive player.

He won’t probably be a major contributor to the Royals, but he can’t harm them. Perhaps he will join a major league team to offer depth if he performs well in Spring Training. Should he fail to make an impression, he may be sent to the minor levels, where he would be a very cheap option in the event of an injury.

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