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Bruno Fernandes is accused by a former Manchester United hero of showing disrespect to teammates.

Andy Cole, a former striker for Manchester United, has informed Bruno Fernandes that making gestures towards his teammates is not a sign of a team player.

In fact, Cole feels that when Fernandes flings his arms in rage during a game while sporting the captain’s armband, he is showing disrespect to his teammates.

Cole said he understood Fernandes’ mindset because things have changed and characterized his captaincy approach as “different.” Harry Maguire handed the captaincy to the Portugal international during the summer. At the time, the judgment was widely accepted, but a number of analysts have since questioned it.

Cole is uncomfortable with the state of affairs, to start. Speaking with Betfred recently, he expressed his opinion that Fernandes should be captain, as reported by the Manchester Evening News.

Cole remarked, “First and foremost, captains today lead differently than captains did in my day.

How many of the Premier League’s captains today have traits in common with those of captains ten or twenty years ago? Few people do.

There has been discussion on Bruno Fernandes’ suitability as captain, but given a glance around the Manchester United locker room at the moment, who else would you pick to take his place?

There aren’t four or five clear front-runners. You might have appointed Giggsy (Ryan Giggs), Jaap [Stam], Denis [Irwin], Peter [Schmeichel], or Scholesy (Paul Scholes) as captain when I was a member of the team.

“Back then, there were a lot of options, but players today are different and lead differently.”

Cole also thinks Fernandes disrespects his teammates by going too far in his role as captain. “I understand that Bruno leads in a different way,” he continued.

“Although I think it’s disrespectful to his teammates to see a captain wave his arms in frustration, I can also understand that people don’t want to see that, but right now he’s the man and he will captain the side in a way that he feels is best for himself and his teammates.”

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