Check Out Armored Toilet of Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni brought his personal armored toilet to Kenya with him for President William Ruto’s inauguration.

Sharing the information with visuals, a Twitter user named Hopewell Chin’ono took to the micro-blogging platform and wrote, “African dictators are ridiculously hilarious.” In a subsequent tweet, noting the details of the picture shared, the Twitter user also wrote, “It even has a red carpet for his Excellency.”

A Kenya-based journalist wrote that the Ugandan President had arrived with an expensive convoy, with full regalia, and that the bringing along of the purported armoured toilet was an attempt at one-upmanship in comparison to his other fellow heads of state.

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Reports about the ‘Mobile Toilet’ indicate that it is in fact, more than what it’s billed to be. It’s actually a full-blown mobile home that the President of 36 years has been using for some time now. It is said to be loaded with all the facilities a President would need for administration on the go.

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