Cigna Health Insurance Plans 2017

Cigna is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States, providing coverage to over 20 million customers. Cigna offers both individual and group plans through employers, as well as Medicare Advantage plans for seniors age 65 and older.

Cigna offers health insurance plans in many states, including California, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. The company also offers dental and vision coverage through its subsidiary companies.

Cigna offers a variety of plans for individuals and families. In addition to basic plans with limited coverage, Cigna also offers several plans with enhanced benefits such as dental, vision and prescription drug coverage.

Cigna Health Insurance Plan Types:

1. Individual Plans

Individual health insurance plans provide medical coverage for an individual person or family. The cost of premiums may vary by age, location and other factors. The most common types of individual policies are:

2. Individual PPO Plans

This type of plan provides access to doctors and hospitals not included in your network at a discounted rate. You must use providers within your network unless you obtain prior authorization from Cigna before seeking treatment outside your network.

If you do seek care outside your network without prior authorization, you will likely pay more out-of-pocket for services than if you had received them from within your network (sometimes even if you have a referral from a doctor within your network).

3. Family Health Insurance Plans

If you have multiple members in your family, you may want to consider this type of plan that covers more than one person at once.

4. Dental Insurance Plans

These plans offer coverage for dental treatments such as cleanings and checkups but do not include orthodontia or other major dental procedures such as crowns or root canals.

5. Vision Insurance Plans

These plans offer coverage for eye exams and glasses but do not include eye surgery like Lasik surgery or cataract removal surgery.

Cigna Health Insurance Plans 2017

Cigna offers several different health insurance plans under its HMO and PPO products. Some of these plans include:

1. HMO Plans

These plans include all the services that are covered by an HMO, but they also provide access to specialists without referrals from your primary care doctor. There is no out-of-pocket cost for preventive care or regular checkups, but you may have to pay a small copayment when you see a specialist or receive other services.

2. PPO Plans

These plans offer more flexibility than an HMO plan because they allow you to see any provider who accepts the plan without needing referrals from your primary care doctor. You may have co-pays and deductibles for certain types of services, such as prescription drugs, but you won’t have any out-of-pocket costs for preventive care or regular checkups (except for lab tests).

3. Specialty PPO Plans

These plans offer additional coverage for certain medical conditions such as cancer treatment and chronic disease management; however, there may be higher premiums associated with these plans due to the increased cost of providing extra benefits coverage on top.


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