“During Our Honeymoon I Told My Hubby Not To Touch Me Am Born Again, It Was A Dramatic Night” – Jane

Apostle Jane has hilariously narrated how during their first night on Honey Moon, she told her husband not to touch her because she was still born again and it was like a drama night and a long one because she thought he doesn’t have any right to touch her despite her been married to him.

Jane stated that she was born in church, grew up in church, spent the majority of her time in church, was baptized, became a pastor, has her own ministry, and very close to God. She said a man in her church asked her out but she turned him down, so he went through the elders to get her.

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She gave in and they dated for a few months before they got married. During their honeymoon, her husband tried to touch her. She was very angry at him because she didn’t love him, so she wouldn’t let him touch her. She informed him that she is a born again and will not allow him to touch her.

Jane says that she didn’t know that once you are married you can have s££_x and so that night it was a drama that they fought that night and people had to intervined and advise her how it goes once you are married. She said she had never had s££_x before or let any man touch her.

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After their honeymoon without intercourse, she went for counseling. Afterwards, she apologized to him and they started living together and sleeping together. Now they are blessed with three children, and she now lets her husband touch her.

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