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Exclusive: Ajax submitted new bid for Josip Sutalo, €20m fixed fee plus add-ons to sign Croatian centre back

Ajax submitted new bid for Josip Sutalo

Ajax submitted new bid for Josip Sutalo

Ajax is intensifying their efforts to acquire Josip Sutalo, a Croatian center back, for their squad. They have submitted a new bid for the player, offering a fixed fee of €20 million along with potential add-ons. This bid demonstrates their commitment to securing Sutalo’s services.

The club seems confident about their chances of successfully completing the transfer. However, Ajax has set a timeframe for their negotiations. They are requesting a response within two days from the player or his current club. If they do not receive a timely answer, Ajax is prepared to consider alternative options for signing a new center back.

This situation underscores the fast-paced and competitive nature of the transfer market in football. Clubs often need to make decisions quickly and move on to other targets if negotiations do not progress as desired.

Ajax’s approach highlights their determination to strengthen their defensive lineup and their willingness to explore other avenues if necessary.

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