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Fabrizio Romano reveals Thiago Silva stance on Chelsea future

There’s a growing chance that Thiago Silva may depart Chelsea at the end of the current campaign.

Speaking on a podcast, Fabrizio Romano said, “Thiago Silva is one player whose future is uncertain. We know he’s close to expiring his contract, which will make him a free agent in the summer of 2024, but there are rumours he may return to Brazil with Fluminense at the end of this season.

However, from what I gather, Silva has not made a decision yet and won’t make one right now.

In 2024, the player will make the final decision. Though, in my opinion, Thiago is still an excellent defender, Chelsea must be completely convinced of him on both the player and club sides for them to stay together.

“I wind myself up because I don’t have as much time as they do. I can’t lose and go home happy or content, therefore I’m pretty hard on myself. I try to constantly be harsh on these players, but I think I’ve been able to accept this scenario a little better.

“You’ve always got to be performing at your best, regardless of what’s happened in your life. Give your all and do your best, because even if it seems that they’ve got a lot of time ahead of them, suddenly they won’t get another chance.”

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