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Former Man Utd forward Larsson: Having examined Hojlund, I believe that

Rasmus Hojlund has impressed Henrik Larsson, a former striker for Manchester United.

The Dane has contributed to goals in the Champions League but has not yet scored in the Premier League.

“I watched him when United played against Copenhagen at Old Trafford,” Larsson said to What I saw pleased me.

He is a fairly quick striker. Depending on how you want to look at it, he was willing to go beyond the opponents’ back three or back four.

Although it’s too soon to tell, he seems intriguing due to his physical presence.

It will take some time for him to become comfortable. Since joining the team, he is still getting acquainted to the other players. However, he can be a good striker for United, hopefully.”

Larsson said, “I believe that whether you’re playing up front in any system—one or two—you need always be able to hold the ball because, even with two-up front, you won’t constantly be alongside your teammate.

“Therefore, I believe that’s the skill set a striker needs to possess because they will almost always be facing the goal.

“After that, you must be able to play the knock-back to a midfield player who is about to advance and then go beyond once again, in addition to being able to hold the ball and know where your teammates are. Thus, in my opinion, that’s the skill set required for any system you play.

It goes without saying that many teams play with three up front, which implies you’ll be by yourself in the middle most of the time. However, I believe he is physically able to accomplish both.”

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