Here Is The Vehicle That Jam Your Phone Calls When The President Is Around

To prevent roadside IEDs in scenarios involving convoys, cutting-edge jammer technology is deployed. It has full frequency coverage and is fully configurable with up to 50 different jamming profiles. To set off homemade explosive devices, terrorists have long capitalized on cell phones.

It interferes with the cellular downlink frequencies, making it impossible for a cell phone to receive incoming calls. Additionally, it can stop criminals from speaking with outside terrorists to compromise trust.

Jammers are installed on vehicles that are manufactured to withstand ambushes and attacks with improvised explosive devices. These trucks utilize the most reliable and effective RF jamming technology and are outfitted with a fully integrated broadband clogging system to safeguard VIP convoys. It continuously encrypts communication tracks that terrorists oftentimes exploit to set roadside explosives off.

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These armored vehicles have an increased level of ballistic protection and can withstand everything from explosions and bomb blasts to M60 machine gun fire. In addition, they contend with having a shock alarm, blackout blinds, a fire suppression system, and police lights. They also have a base that is grenade-proof and bulletproof glass.

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