How to start Phone accessories business in Nigeria & markets to buy phone accessories at a whole price

If you are also looking for ways on how to start a mobile phone accessories business as a retailer in Nigeria, then you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with some tips that will help you get started with your new venture.

1. Capital

First of all, you need to ensure that you have adequate funds in order to start up your business. You should therefore ensure that you have enough money available so that you can buy all the materials required. You can start this business with low capital depending on your capital and size of the business.

If You plan selling in wheelbarrow 20,000 upwards would be enough but if you plan renting a shop depending on the location you may need to budget 400,000 upwards.

2. Shop

You would also need adequate space & shop for storage purposes, which can be obtained from rental agencies or even from family members who may be willing to let out their property for this purpose.

3. You need to have knowledge about mobile phones and what you will be selling. I will suggest you learn this business thoroughly before venturing into it

4.  Research on the market

You should research on the market and find out what people want from and business environment in your area. What type of marketing strategy can you use? How much money would it cost for starting? What kind of product should you have?

5. Decide where you want your shop

Once you have decided on what kind of products will be sold at your brand new store, then it is time for planning and designing the shop.

You need to decide where exactly will be the shop located preferably near public bust area, market, campus, bus stop etc. You also need to decide what kind of staff should work there do they have experience working with customers?.

The last thing that you need to do is figure out how much space would be needed so that everything fits into place neatly without cluttering up space unnecessarily.

6. What you will be selling.

All kinds of phone accessories such as:

. Charger ( Corded and Wireless)


Power bank

Memory card

OTG flash drive

Bluetooth speaker

Screen guard


Phone car holder

Phone table holder

On-hear headset

Solar charger

Smart watch

Fitness tracker


7. Where to buy phone accessories in wholesale price

There are markets out to buy your phone accessories at a low price. Buy from AliExpress, computer village, Lagos onisha market etc. If you have enough money can import from AliExpress you can buy 20 usb cords for 2000 and sell for 800 each, you can buy finger sleeve 10 pieces from AliExpress for 900 and sell 3,000 for one each. You can equally buy from distributors and whole sales here in Nigeria at low prices.


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