“I Came Back From Saudi Arabia With Stage 4Liver Cancer And My Family abandoned Me.” Dorcas Narrates

Dorcas Kagendo was born and raised in Meru. She was raised by her grandmother after her mother abandoned her and eloped with a man to an unknown place. She went to school and she finished her highschool education.

After highschool she did secretariat and she got a job. At her place of work she met a young man and after dating for a while they got married. She got pregnant and gave birth nine months later. The marriage didn’t last for a long time because her husband was abusive and that’s when she decided to leave the marriage.

She went back to her grandmother’s house and a friend told her about a job in Saudi Arabia. She quickly applied for a passport and left the country. She left her child with her aunt and she would sent her money for upkeep. In Saudi Arabi she met a good Employer who treated her well.

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She says that after a two years she started to feel unwell. Her body turned yellow including her eyes. She was taken to hospital and she was informed that her liver kidney were not functioning well. After several tests she was discovered woth Stage four liver cancer.

“The cancer had spread to my liver and kidneys.” Dorcas says.

Her employer couldn’t keep her and she survived in the help of her fellow Kenyans in Saudi Arabia. She underwent treatment and she was scheduled for chemotherapy. The doctors adviced her to come back to Kenya for Chemotherapy.

In arrival in Kenya her family left her and she was only left with her daughter. She had over a million on savings. She rented a house and took her daughter to school. She started going for chemotherapy in different hospitals in Nairobi including Kenyatta hospital and she depleted her savings.

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She contacted her aunt’s and uncle’s but they all blocked her contacts and distanced themselves from her Ilness. She received help from her friends working in Saudi Arabia who send her donations for her treatment but the money is hardly enough for her.

She says that her cancer has spread and she no longer goes for chemotherapy because her body is too weak for the treatment. She has been in a lot of pain and she barely eats. She lost a lot of weight and is stressed.

“The doctors said that I cannot continue with Chemotherapy because my body is too weak for the treatment.” Dorcas says.

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She cannot afford a balanced diet or money to buy fruits needed to increase blood and boost her immunity. She believes that with enough money she can get the treatment she needs. She still has hope for a longer once she gets the treatment. She is also appealing for a well-wisher to help her in paying for her daughter’s school fees.

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