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“I have one condition: I will coach Manchester United.” Graham Potter’s admonition to Sir Jim Ratcliffe in the midst of speculation about Man United’s manager

The irony lies in the fact that Chelsea is the only team that Manchester United has looked like a contender lately, particularly in light of media rumors suggesting Graham Potter will take Erik ten Hag’s place as manager at Old Trafford.

On the other hand, Sir Jim Ratcliffe should take note of this important warning on the possible appointment.

This season, Manchester United has not been particularly good.

Ten Hag saw his squad’s divided nature in a 2-1 victory over Potter’s previous team less than ten days ago, but they were eliminated from European competition midweek and are already well behind in the Premier League.

After suffering a humiliation at the hands of Bournemouth in the next week and a half, United will not have the lighthearted luxury of Thursday night football for the whole of the season.

They may have regressed this season because they were unable to even get a spot in the additional Europa League.

There are undoubtedly mitigating factors, such as the fact that INEOS has not yet finalized their £1.25 billion investment and the persistent injury problems.

It’s unclear how the minority takeover will affect the pitch, but it’s clear that Ratcliffe wants to have a big say.

But has the 71-year-old seen enough in the midst of the gloom and despair to name Ten Hag as the ideal manager for his project supported by INEOS?

The Dutchman hasn’t had the opportunity to experience this at Old Trafford yet, but only under football-first owners can his genuine qualities be fairly assessed.

Although Potter is being touted by the national media as the future manager, his Chelsea tenure left a stain on his resume.

The grass is rarely greener on the other side, as United supporters are all too aware.

During his brief seven-month career at Chelsea, Potter said, “Change is challenging in any organization.”

“I believe that managing Chelsea is the most difficult job in football because of the shift in leadership, the expectations, and how people perceive Chelsea,” he continued.

“Obviously, I also didn’t anticipate that we would lose ten players from our first team to injuries.”

United is facing a similar situation right now. Even while Ten Hag’s current difficulties and Potter’s difficult time in west London don’t make him a poor manager, Ratcliffe should give his remarks some serious thought if INEOS is thinking about making a change.

If nothing else, Ten Hag’s contribution to steadiness is exactly what United needs in the face of uncertainty.

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