I Quit Finally, So Sad But I Have No Other Choice Than to Resign Love You All — Peter of Psquare Says

Just as all twins love each other, all twins fight. Fighting can be a slippery slope for twins. Too much intensity over who is the best or who is right or who is more important over a long period of time will eventually erode the twin attachment.

Some minutes ago one of the psquare singer Peter took to his Instagram account to announce he’s quitting and can’t continue. “I quit finally! Going on IG Live now to explain why! So sad but I have no other choice than to resign! Love y’all”

Remember the two twins brother have been fighting each other after they sperated but later reconciled. It seems they still keeping grudges and has refused to let go. Ever since they returned back together they have not done collaboration now Peter says he quit he can’t do it any more.

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But disagreements and separate interests and personality. Sometimes fighting is just based on senseless competition, which is better singer between the two twin singers. Nevertheless it seems like we will never hear them sing together again but what will make the two twins to fight and hate each other.

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