“I Was Poisoned When I Was 13 Years Old, I Thought I Was Going To Die” – Patrick Shares Her Story

The testimony of a girl named Patrick has caused big reactions online after the young girl shared her story of how she was poisoned at the age of 13, how she drank urine and ate frogs while searching for a cure for her sickness.

She said that when she was 13, she was poisoned and was sick for decades before God miraculously cured her. People couldn’t hesitate to share her joy and thank God for healing her. The young girl shared her struggle with the sickness she suffered in a recent interview with Youtuber Lucky.

She had been poisoned ten years ago when she was 13 years old. It was because of her that her mother had to end her own marriage after her husband rejected them and threw them away after they were accused of witchcraft.

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She went on to say that her mother sold everything she owned to pay for her treatment, and that she was forced to eat a variety of foods, including sand, urine, and frogs, in order to treat her from her deadly illness.

The woman said that she was taken to a facility where she endured excruciating pain every morning as they would cut part of her body to patch her decaying body. I Was Poisoned When I Was 13 Years Old. I Thought I Was Going To Die. Patrick Shares Her Story.

There is nothing God can’t do, and Patrick’s story is proof that God heals all sickness. Please share your thoughts on this story. Please don’t be shy about letting us know what you think.

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