If Tithing Was Approved By God, Many Of Us Would Have Been Dead -Pastor Creflo Dollar Says

Pastor Creflo Dollar who recently made u-turn on tithing, spoke today on “The Great Misunderstanding Part 3” via his YouTube handle. The pastor while speaking on the said topic, further addressed the issue of tithing among Christians as he said only stingy Christians will give God 10% of what they have.

To elaborate more on tithing he said “If tithing was approved by God, many Christians would have been dead by now”. the pastor has said in his recent video tithes was never approved by God.  He said this in a video posted to his verified Facebook account around 18 hours ago.

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Tithing was mandated by the law; you must pay God 10% of everything you have to enjoy God’s blessings,” says Pastor Creflo Dollar in the 14-minute video. You are blessed if you tithe, and you are coursed if you don’t, according to the Law. According to it, many of us would be dead by now since we haven’t paid tithes. Or does it imply that we are still subject to the law? Use Abraham’s tithe as an excuse, not a justification. Let’s face it, God is unique

Under the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, it was not necessary to tithe In order to get God’s blessings, you don’t need to pay Him 10% of your salary. God wants us to give generously out of our hearts because it is a sign of our faith in Him.

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