“I’m 60 Years Old, And I Chose Never To Be Married Nor Have Children” Retired Teacher Reveals

A story of a retired teacher who made a decision to never form a family by having a husband or even bearing a child has been doing rounds on YouTube especially on the circumstances sorrounding her decision.

Wangui is a 60-year-old single woman without children who chose not to marry. She insists that this is purely her own decision, untainted by the opinions of others. Beatrice admitted to Monica in an interview about her life story narration that she preferred to keep calm and avoid anything that would give her headaches.

She didn’t get married or have children because she intended to devote her entire life as a teacher and a church leader to serving humanity. She claims that having a family is nice, but it may be a huge distraction from work and church work.

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Beatrice believes that all men are deceivers. She was once dumped by a man who had humiliated and shamed her. Now, she doesn’t want to be a victim again.

The decisions people make in life should never be stigmatized because they want to live that way. She provides guidance in the form of.

Because of my principles, no one can criticize me or what I am or do; instead, they simply appreciate me for who I am and what I do.”

Do you think Beatrice made a wise decision? How would her life be now that she’s retired if she had children? 

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