“I’m Ready to Wash Hubby’s First Wife’s Feet to Get Her Forgiveness, I Ruined Her Marriage” Hellen

A woman named Hellen has revealed how she ruined another woman’s marriage just because she was barren for 20 years and was unable to give birth. Hellen took the opportunity to ruin her marriage as side chick of her husband she moved in with her man and have birth to two children for him.

She would insult the first wife and beat her up some times. She took away her husband from her and made him hated her so much to extend of starving her. Hellen had her husband all to her self but now she regrets every thing she did to the first wife and wants forgiveness from her after leaving her marriage.

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For 10 years, Hellen lived with someone’s husband and together they were blessed with two children. On the other hand, her co-wife had been married to the same man for 20 years but she was unable to conceive, a thing that made her feel useless and unwanted.

Hellen enjoyed the soft life with this man and was spoilt in many ways the man would tell her countless times how much he loved her and open up to Hellen about how weak his first wife was. During their fights, Hellen would use the little information she knew about this woman to attack and humiliate her but she now says this is something she regrets deeply.

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Hellen has confessed she’s ready to wash her feet of that’s the only way to get her forgiveness and Bless her children. She now regrets laughing at her co-wife weakness and barrenness now she pleads for her forgiveness. 

She has also urged young girls who get married to other women’s husbands just to get a soft life to avoid committing the same mistake she did because she regrets everything. She has been begging her co-wife to come back to her marriage as she has left her Marr for her but still can’t find happiness. She pleads with her to let her wash her feet so she will forgive her and bless her sick children.

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