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In regards to Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag, Scott McTominay has previously spoken his opinions.

MEN Sport is aware of After a dismal start to the season, Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, is dealing with a growing rebellion within his team.

After a depressing loss to Newcastle over the weekend, Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag is reportedly facing challenges at Old Trafford this week.

A rising number of players and even some staff members were getting weary of Ten Hag’s tactics, according to MEN Sport on Tuesday. Ten Hag’s pre-Chelsea press conference was closed to the Manchester Evening News and other media outlets as a result of the piece.

United is currently in seventh position, five points out of the Champions League spots, going into their matchup with Mauricio Pochettino’s team on Wednesday. ‘No issues’ exist inside the group, Ten Hag stated in his press conference.

The Reds’ situation on the field is dire, but a rebellion within the team is unlikely to improve things. Scott McTominay is one player who has been very candid about what it’s like to live in the Old Trafford locker room.

McTominay demonstrated the kind of mentality that will offer United the best chance of getting out of their current situation just last month, after the team lost to Newcastle 3-0 in the Carabao Cup. “You saw last night it was a difficult game in every aspect, in terms of the result,” he stated to MUTV.

However, the supporters never leave us and never stop cheering us on. The players, in my opinion, feel that as we return to the dressing room, we are angry with ourselves as well as with ourselves for not satisfying the fans’ demands and providing them what they want.

“I can tell the fans that we want to do it for the people that go both home and abroad, attend every game, and support us; it’s probably the most important thing on the players’ minds. Though it’s evident that something isn’t quite clicking when you watch the lads play, I think we have more than enough skill in the changing room to do that. The players and the manager must resolve that and I’m 100 per cent confident that we will.

“Although it’s not quite occurring right now, I have every confidence that the manager can implement that and pull it off. I have no doubt about it.”

Technically, McTominay is correct. There’s more than enough skill in the dressing room to see things turn around. But this season, the team’s motivation has been questioned much too frequently, which is unacceptable.

To get over this current predicament, United needs the bulk of their players to think like McTominay does.


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