“I’ve Lived With HIV For Over 25Years And I Am Healthy. This is How I’ve Conquered The Virus;” Antony Narrates

Antony Chege, a hiv positive patient happily shares how he has survived for over twenty-five years with HIV. He explains to people how he has made it through and the challenges he has faced through the years. When his mother discovered she was HIV positive she commited suicide he was small back then.

Anthony Chege found out he was HІV positive when in class six. This discovery changed his life for the better because then he learnt how to take care of himself and suppress the virus. The young man who is passionate about living positively shares his journey towards acceptance and leading fellow youth against spreading the virus.

He contemplated taking his own life when he learned he’s HIV positive. He claimed that as a child, his grandparents had been given him drugs every day, telling him that it was for his chest issues. However, because he would be attending a boarding school in high school, they decided to inform him of his HIV status.

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At first, he was defiant, going to school and skipping his medicines as if nothing had happened. He developed rashes on his skin that were extremely painful, and whenever he scratched himself, they turned into open wounds. This had severe effect on him.

When he had significant chest pains, his condition worsened, and he was sent to the hospital. The doctor revealed that his health was rapidly deteriorating due to his failure to take his prescribed medication. After counseling, he made a decision to live a more positive lifestyle.

When Antony was sent to a day school, he had his food altered. He ate a lot of green veggies and a lot of protein, carbs, and vitamins in his meals. He made it part of his daily routine to take his meds.

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Taking my medication on time and eating a nutritious diet “changed my life,” says Anthony. When his health began to improve, his skin became smoother, he gained weight, and his life began to return to its normal state.

He graduated and got a job. He became a member of groups that teach HIV and how it spreads from person-to-person. When he is dating a lady, he takes precautions to ensure her safety, such as using protection To keep himself and his woman safe from contacting the virus.

Antony is now over twenty-five years and he is still healthy. However when he started talking about his status, he lost friends who didn’t know that he was HIV positive. They isolated him because they didn’t was want to be associated with him.

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For many years, he has advocated for the acceptance of people with HIV. A long and healthy life awaits those who are infected with HIV, if they take their medicine, maintain a good diet and protect themselves from sexual transmissions at all times.

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