“I’ve Nothing Left To Live For” Depressed Mother Commits Suicide 50 Days After Losing His Only Son

A depressed mother who lost her only son to suicide has committed suicide just 50 days after her son’s death. The woman was very depressed, couldn’t get over her son’s death. She shared several depressing posts on social media she misses her deceased son and couldn’t leave without him.

According to a report, the woman, who was in her 30s, had been suffering from depression and was found hanging in a room of her house. Her son died from internal bleeding after he was struck by construction company.

“I’ve had a difficult time coping with the loss, and I’ve kept glancing outside in the hopes that you’ll come back. Tears have become my daily food and the emptiness I feel is great, she wrote.

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She continued by saying that the day her child was taken away, a greater part of her perished, and that her greatest wish was to wake up every morning next to him. “I don’t have anything left to survive on for any longer.

Cecy shared a lot of cryptic posts on social media she misses her baby and can’t live without him. She said her son was her world and everything she has in this world was taken away from her after he was struck by a construction company.

The depressed mother later couldn’t bear living apart from her deceased child. After 50 days of his death she killed her self after writing on social medias he misses him and have nothing left again. The depressed mother ended her own life. May her soul rest in peace, please write rest in peace for her.

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