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Jonny Evans identifies the Manchester United player he admires the most and outlines their two traits.

The hero of Manchester United claims that since his return to Old Trafford, one player has really impressed him.

Rasmus Hojlund of the current Manchester United team is the player Jonny Evans says he admires the most because of his work ethic and attitude.

The two, who are fifteen years apart in age, both signed on at Old Trafford this summer, with Evans going back to his childhood team eight years after leaving the first time. Even if the season hasn’t started off as expected, both have so far had significant roles under Erik ten Hag.

Evans, 35, was originally brought in as an emergency backup, but he has already participated in eight games due to injuries. Before suffering a hamstring injury, he started four straight Premier League games ahead of Luton Town.

Despite not scoring in nine Premier League games, Hojlund, 20, tops the team’s scorers chart with five goals. Thus far, all of his goals have come during Champions League losses.

Like many other fans, Evans is pleased with Hojlund’s overall United debut. He was asked which current Reds player he most admired during a fan Q&A with club media.

“I’d probably say Hojlund,” he said. In my opinion, for a young man of his age, it’s not surprising that he possesses his qualities and disposition, as well as his work ethic. He’s already quite popular with the fans, and I predict that he’ll rise to the top of the game.

In his eight appearances, Evans has managed to pick up an assist, setting up Bruno Fernandes’ winning goal in the victory over Burnley in September with a long, raking ball. Was this a skill that the Northern Irishman needed to practice?

Evans remarked, “I think it’s probably something I probably did have to work on.” “I think I was aware that I needed to practice my longer passing a lot,” the speaker said.

And, you know, I’ve made a concerted effort to work on it throughout the years. As I previously stated, I believe that many center backs nowadays need to be able to play with both feet and at various passing ranges.

Yes, I would say that I spent a lot of time working on long-range patterns. Thus, you do think, “Well, all that hard work has paid off,” when something like that happens for an assist or a goal.

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