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Jorginho’s agent João Santos: “I’m sure Jorginho will stay at Arsenal. He’s happy in England. Let’s move on”

Jorginho agent João Santos: “I'm sure, Jorginho will stay at Arsenal

Jorginho agent João Santos: “I’m sure, Jorginho will stay at Arsenal

It seems that Jorginho’s agent, João Santos, has provided clarity on the player’s future. According to Santos, Jorginho is set to stay at Arsenal and continue his football journey in England.

The agent confirmed that Jorginho is content with his situation at Arsenal, indicating that he has no plans to leave the club.

Santos mentioned that despite receiving interest from clubs in Saudi Arabia and Spain, the decision has been made for Jorginho to remain at Arsenal.

This suggests that the player is committed to his current club and is not pursuing a transfer to other destinations.

As with any transfer news, it’s always recommended to rely on official club announcements or reputable sources for the latest and most accurate information.

If this update from Jorginho’s agent holds true, it will likely be a piece of positive news for Arsenal and their fans, knowing that the player is staying with the club.

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