Just A Reminder That I’m Pretty And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It – American Rapper Lizzo Tease

There’s no denying that Lizzo is a goddess of inspiration for plus-size women, and that’s why I’m thankful for her and the body positivity movement she fronts. Not only does she want to change how women view themselves, but she also wants to change how we are seen and represented in the media.

The beautiful American rapper took to her Instagram to share beautiful photos of her self she captioned ” I am beautiful” Lizzo also captioned her photos with the words, “Just a reminder that I am pretty and there is nothing you can do about it”.

Despite all the criticisms and controversies surrounding ‘glorifying obesity’, Lizzo is living proof that the world can exist with a plus-size women leading it to a better place. Her performance last night for me was a statement of solidarity.

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She has reminded her trollers she’s beautiful despite her body size she hope finding a man who will love her. Meanwhile so too agree with her she’s beautiful. She just reminded men she’s beautiful incase they are not noticing it. Lizzo has always been candid about spreading body positivity. 

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