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Just Like Opera News, Top 5 Platforms That Pay Writers 

Opera News is an international publication that accepts submissions from all over the world, but it pays Nigerian writers for every accepted and published articles on the hub.

Just Like Opera News, Top 5 Platforms That Pay Writers

1. Blast News

Pays $4 per 1000 views per article; Paypal payment method. Medium has become one of the most visited websites in the world today with over 900 million monthly views worldwide according to Alexa rank.

2. Scooper

Scooper is an online magazine dedicated to helping people earn through their writing skills through various forms of content creation. In my own opinion opera is still better than scooper just that scooper pays for every accepted articles while opera pays based on your clicks.

3. Fiverr & Upwork

They are one of the best places where Nigerian authors can showcase their work online by submitting their stories, articles to them and get paid.

4. Medium

Medium is a news website founded in 2015 by a group of writers who wanted to share their stories with the world. 7k traffic from top countries could earn you up to $200. You can get paid via Paypal or payoner payment methods.


Vocal media is one of the best platforms for Nigerian, Ghanaian and South African writers where you can submit your content at any time of day or night and earn money from it.  They pay $3.80 per 1000 views.


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