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Legit Ways to Make Money Online In Nigeria

Earning money online in Nigeria is not that simple. Turning your dream into reality might require some sacrifices and your time. Nevertheless, there are some legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria without involving yourself in fraud activities or Yahoo yahoo. 

So, in this article I’ll open your eyes and expose deep secrets about making money in Nigeria if only you have the desire and time to work hard and turn your time into money.

Here are some essential tools you will undoubtedly require to get started making money online. To start making money online, you must have access to the internet and a smart phone or a computer. It’s one of the required tools you’ll need.

Legit Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

1. Blogging

By constantly writing and publishing articles, blogging is a sure-fire way to make money online. Let me make it simple for you: simply create a blog or website on WordPress or Blogger and monetize it. Simple, right? Well, keep reading to see Legit Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

2. Content creation

If you know you’ve got the talent for writing great articles, don’t worry. You’re about to learn how to earn millions with your talent without stress. If you’re in Nigeria, I’m sure you might have heard of Opera News, right? Let me be honest with you. You can earn up to 200k-300k with news sites they pay their writers.

Opera news, medium, and scooper. They are all good, and they pay their writers on a monthly basis. This is good, right? Well, I’ve earned thousands with opera news. You might consider one of these selected sites.

3. YouTube:

Wonder why there are so many comedians nowadays? It’s because they are making money from creating videos for YouTube and other social media platforms. There is no time to waste if you want to start earning online. Believe me. If you’re ready to make money and become a video blogger, YouTube is one of the best options for you.

4. Facebook page

Do you know that Facebook pays all of their users who monetise their pages? If you don’t, I guess I’ve just revealed a huge secret to you. So, get your Facebook page monetised, Start creating content that gets a lot of comments and likes. This could be a turning point in your journey to becoming a millionaire.

5. Sell your books and applications

Did you know you can create apps and sell them on the play store? Same with writing quality books and selling them on Amazon. Come on, that’s amazing, right? I bet you never knew you could earn from your books/apps. Take your chances and turn it into money.


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