“Let’s Just Be Friends” – What Does It Really Mean When A Woman Gives You Such A Reply

It is an awful experience to have a girl tell you “let’s be friends.” This can be very heartbreaking and can even render you emotionally paralyzed for a couple of weeks. I once bumped into a beautiful woman at the mall and tried to spend some time with her. She was very cool from the beginning and all hope was assured. Before leaving, I tried to take her number and the only thing she could tell me is, “let’s just be friends.” Here are the reason why a woman would say that to you. 

1. She sees nothing special about you

There are a whole lot of things that go into a classy woman falling for you. It can be because of your height, skin color or maybe your mannerism that draws them to you. When a woman tells you that you can just be friends with her, it definitely means that she sees nothing special in you. She might also have a perception of you not having anything good to offer even if she gives you the chance to do so. 

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2. She has no emotional connection with you 

Well, emotional connection really comes when dealing with women. A woman would fall head over heels for you when she is really in love with you. She can also give some attitude that would scare you from coming into contact with her. If a woman has no feelings for you, she would like to let things be the same way it is by telling you to just be friends and this can be heartbreaking sometimes. 

3. She has been hurt in the past 

In this current, many have been rendered emotionally depressed due to the kind of relationship they went into. Others also don’t feel any connection with the opposite gender due to the hurt and emotional pains they went through when dating. Don’t be emotionally down when a woman tell you to be friends and does not want anything more than that. 

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