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Manchester United 30-year-old star ‘face ban’ which could force him out of club

After testing positive for increased testosterone levels, former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has been recommended by Italian anti-doping prosecutors to serve a four-year suspension.

Random tests conducted after Juventus’ opening Serie A match of the season against Udinese revealed that Pogba had elevated testosterone levels.

Because of the positive test, the Frenchman was suspended in September, and it now seems possible that he may have played his final game of a career.

It has recently come to light that the maximum sentence suggested by Italian anti-doping prosecutors was four years.

The former Manchester United player refused to take a plea bargain, so the case will be handled in an anti-doping court.

The punishment may be reduced if Pogba can demonstrate that their doping was unintentional, as he claims, or if the test was compromised. They may also be eligible to receive credit for providing “substantial assistance” to investigators.

Pogba will reach 34 in four years, and there are whispers that Juventus may terminate his contract before it ends in 2026.

This is true even if Max Allegri, the manager of Juventus, stated in October, “Humanely, I’m sorry for Paul.”

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