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Manchester United

Manchester United has already received a warning from Sir Alex Ferguson about their impending “nightmare.”

Man United will host Everton at Goodison Park this Saturday in their first game back following the international break.

Everton has called Goodison Park home for more than 130 years; it is one of the best stadiums in England and rich in history.

Over the years, Manchester United has paid several noteworthy visits to Goodison. Sir Alex Ferguson once compared the playing surface to a nightmare, indicating how challenging it was for the opposition to score on.

Ferguson remarked in 2010 that “going there is always a nightmare, and it wouldn’t matter whether Dixie Dean was playing for us.” “The environment is great, but we’ve had to deal with it, and our record there is fine.”

next those remarks, United drew 3-3 with Everton, and the next season, they lost at Goodison, proving Ferguson was correct to caution about becoming complacent when playing in front of a biased audience.

Since Ferguson’s retirement in 2013, there have been twelve trips to Goodison across all competitions. United has won six of those matches, lost four, and drawn two.

Even though Everton defeated them 4-0 in April 2019 was more than four years ago, the humiliating loss for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team makes it seem like it happened yesterday.

Before that trip to Everton, Solskjaer’s honeymoon had come to an end, but United had already lost six of their previous eight games and were headed for their fifth straight away loss as a result of that terrible performance.

It also revealed the extent of the task that awaited Solskjaer following his official appointment and the acquisition of a malfunctioning dressing room, as a group of underachievers reverted to old habits.

Everton has been a worse team ever since their historic win over United, and despite surviving multiple relegation battles, they have been lucky to remain in the Premier League for the past two seasons.

Frank Lampard was their savior in 2021–2022, and Sean Dyche, who had a track record of exceeding expectations with Burnley, seemed like the ideal choice to lead them last season.

Dyche made water into wine at Burnley, and although Everton’s resources place him in a similar position, his club is starting to improve after a difficult start to the current season.

Prior to the international break, Everton defeated Crystal Palace 3-2 on the road. With Goodison predicted to be a bear pit, they will be full of confidence when they host United this coming Saturday.

Everton was handed an immediate 10-point deduction last Friday after an independent commission found that the team had violated the Premier League’s rules regarding sustainability and profitability.

Evertonians feel that their punishment is unfair, especially since other teams, like Manchester City, are facing over 100 charges.

“The club will also monitor with great interest the decisions made in any other cases concerning the Premier League’s profit and sustainability Rules,” Everton said in an official statement.

Everton’s supporters, infuriated by the point deduction that has put their team in the relegation zone, have promised to raise a boisterous gathering on Sunday to express their outrage at the Premier League.

Even more, an Everton resident gained notoriety for yelling derogatory remarks at the Premier League’s central London offices. That kind of gathering is expected to number in the thousands this weekend.

United will be under pressure, and it’s no secret that this bunch of players shrinks in high-pressure environments after putting up lifeless performances away from home against Liverpool, Newcastle, and Sevilla in the previous season.

This weekend at Goodison Park will be a nightmare, and United’s players will have to battle to win.

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