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Manchester United supporters respond to the FA’s announcement on Alejandro Garnacho following a social media post.

Following the removal of a social media post by Man United player Alejandro Garnacho, the FA has revealed its verdict.

Supporters of Manchester United are happy that Alejandro Garnacho will not be disciplined by the Football Association for his remark on social media last month about Andre Onana.

Garnacho shared a photo of Onana and his teammates celebrating Jordan Larsson, a forward for F.C. Copenhagen, saving a penalty kick with two gorilla emojis.

The player removed the post after being made aware of its possible racial overtones, but the FA looked into the matter and got in touch with United to get their thoughts.

Garnacho may have violated the FA’s policies regarding racially sensitive social media posts, but after an inquiry is finished, the player won’t face any more consequences.

Social media was used by United supporters to express their opinion that the right choice was chosen.

“We have concluded an investigation in relation to a recent post on Alejandro Garnacho’s social media,” an FA representative stated.

“As part of our inquiry, we asked the player for his observations. He responded that the two gorilla emojis were meant to symbolize the strength and power of his teammates, particularly Andre Onana and Harry Maguire, in light of their crucial roles in Manchester United’s victory over FC Kobenhavn.

Alejandro Garnacho’s explanation and the context it offers have satisfied us, so we will not be initiating disciplinary action this time.

“But we have made the athlete aware of his obligations regarding social media posts, especially when it comes to using emojis, which can be construed in a variety of ways.

“We also intend to liaise with Kick It Out and the PFA to discuss other potential issues around the use of emojis and similar forms of messaging, and education that can be provided about them.”

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