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Mason Greenwood has just been on loan for two months when Getafe “makes final decision.”

It has been reported that, despite Mason Greenwood’s loan being there for barely two months, Getafe has already decided what to do with him.

Greenwood, an exile from United, has tallied three goals and two assists in his 10 La Liga outings thus far, and the Spanish team is apparently eager to extend his loan into a permanent agreement.

Executives from Getafe reportedly wish to speak with United over a move or a longer loan for the player.

“Getafe have discussed trying to get United around the table so they can make an offer, which they believe could be attractive to United to get Mason off their wage bill,” the publication was informed by an unidentified source.

“United’s decision to approve the loan extension is more likely since they are aware that Mason is content and working on his life.

Following accusations of rape and abuse, Greenwood was placed under custody in January 2022 and United suspended him.

Greenwood angrily refuted every accusation, and the Crown Prosecution Service later withdrew the charges in February following the withdrawal of “important witnesses.”

After a protracted internal inquiry, United came to the conclusion that he would not play for them in order to put the “welfare, wishes, and perspective” of his claimed victim first.

They felt that doing so would aid in the “rebuild” of Greenwood and benefit all parties involved.

This resulted in a September deadline day for the forward’s Getafe loan move.

The Spanish team and their supporters have welcomed Greenwood with open arms, despite the cloud that hangs over his reputation in England.

The player resides in Spain with his partner and little daughter. His contract with United is set to expire in 2025.

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