MIUI 14 – Eligible Devices to receive Xiaomi MIUI 14 update

Xiaomi MIUI 14 is coming soon, and you can already see the first beta builds circulating around. Now, the company has started rolling out the official update to eligible devices.

As per the company’s announcement, Miui 14 is coming with a lot of new features such as side bar, call log, notification, battery status bar etc. The update will also bring a few changes in the UI design which were previously available only on beta versions of MIUI 14.

Eligible Devices to receive Xiaomi MIUI 14 update

MIUI 14 China Builds

Xiaomi 13 Pro: V14.0.4.0.TMBCNXM

Xiaomi 13: V14.0.4.0.TMCCNXM

Xiaomi 12S Ultra: V14.0.0.18.TLACNXM

Xiaomi 12S Pro: V14.0.0.19.TLECNXM

Xiaomi 12S: V14.0.0.21.TLTCNXM

Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition: V14.0.0.6.TLGCNXM

Xiaomi 12 Pro: V14.0.0.3.TLBCNXM

Xiaomi 12: V14.0.0.3.TLCCNXM

Xiaomi 12X: V14.0.0.7.TLDCNXM

Redmi K60 Pro: V14.0.0.4.TMKCNXM

Redmi K60: V14.0.0.11.TMNCNXM

Redmi K50 Gaming: V14.0.0.7.TLJCNXM

Redmi K50 Ultra: V14.0.0.17.TLFCNXM

Redmi K50 Pro: V14.0.0.10.TLKCNXM

Redmi K50: V14.0.0.8.TLNCNXM

Mi 11 Ultra: V14.0.0.3.TKACNXM

Mi 11: V14.0.0.10.TKBCNXM

Xiaomi CIVI 2: V14.0.0.7.TLLCNXM

Xiaomi CIVI 1S: V14.0.0.3.TLPCNXM

Mi 11 LE: V14.0.0.6.TKOCNXM

Redmi Note 12SE: V14.0.0.10.SMSCNXM

Redmi K40: V14.0.0.7.TKHCNXM

Redmi K40 Gaming: V14.0.0.2.TKJCNXM

Redmi K40 Pro / Pro+: V14.0.0.9.TKKCNXM

Xiaomi MIX 4: V14.0.0.3.TKMCNXM

Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G: V14.0.0.4.TKPCNXM

Redmi Note 11 Pro / Pro+: V14.0.0.3.TKTCNXM

MIUI 14 Global Builds

Xiaomi 13 Pro: V14.0.0.3.TMBMIXM

Xiaomi 13: V14.0.0.2.TMCMIXM

Xiaomi 13 Lite: V14.0.0.2.TLLMIXM

Xiaomi 12T Pro: V14.0.0.4.TLFMIXM

Xiaomi 11T Pro: V14.0.0.4.TKDMIXM

Mi 11 Ultra: V14.0.0.1.TKAMIXM

POCO F5: V14.0.0.4.TMNMIXM

POCO F3: V14.0.0.1.TKHMIXM

Mi 11i: V14.0.0.2.TKKMIXM

POCO X5 Pro: V14.0.0.10.SMSMIXM


Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G: V14.0.0.1.TKTMIXM

MIUI 14 EEA Builds

Xiaomi 13 Pro: V14.0.0.6.TMBEUXM

Xiaomi 13: V14.0.0.5.TMCEUXM

Xiaomi 13 Lite: V14.0.0.1.TLLEUXM

Xiaomi 12T Pro: V14.0.0.5.TLFEUXM

Xiaomi 12T: V14.0.0.2.TLQEUXM

Xiaomi 12X: V14.0.0.2.TLDEUXM

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE: V14.0.0.5.TKOEUXM

Xiaomi 11T Pro: V14.0.0.5.TKDEUXM

Mi 11 Ultra: V14.0.0.3.TKAEUXM

Mi 11: V14.0.0.2.TKBEUXM

POCO F5: V14.0.0.1.TMNEUXM

POCO F3: V14.0.0.4.TKHEUXM

POCO X5 Pro: V14.0.0.10.SMSEUXM

Mi 11i: V14.0.0.1.TKKEUXM

Mi 11 Lite 5G: V14.0.0.5.TKIEUXM

MIUI 14 India Builds

Xiaomi 11T Pro: V14.0.0.3.TKDINXM

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE: V14.0.0.1.TKOINXM

Mi 11X: V14.0.0.1.TKHINXM

Mi 11X Pro: V14.0.0.2.TKKINXM


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