Mortal Kombat Update

Mk Mobile New 4.0 update, Kombat Pass, Equipments And Characters

As of now these are the only two new additions in the game which have been confirmed by the game developer.

What’s New:

Klassic Movie Raiden
Reptile Noob Saibot
Movie John cage
Scorpion Friendship
Kombat pass

Further, the below are the possible Mk Mobile leaks.

Klassic Tower Normal + Fatal
Tremor Brutality
Kombat Pass
Lizard Noob Saibot
Gold Ascension
New Souls Pack
New Equipments

What is Kombat pass

For what I gathered, I think it is something they have on the Injustice mobile.  As you reach certain achievements you get prizes.  The paid version gives you something for every achievement, the free version gives after every so many achievements.

Also, we can see that scheduled maintenance alert has been made available in the game.

October 5th starting at 5:00 AM CT (10:00 Am UTC)


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