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Mortal Kombat 4.0 Update: ASCENSION, KOMBAT PASS, FRIENDSHIP: MK Mobile

Mortal Kombat is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a major mobile update that’s oozing with MK nostalgia and new kontent!


Travel back to the ‘90s with a special tribute to the original Mortal Kombat movie with the newest Diamond fighter, Klassic Movie Raiden! Klassic Movie Raiden features Christopher Lambert’s character likeness & voice from the 1995 film. Feared by his enemies and respected by the Earthrealm warriors, Klassic Movie Raiden is a force to be reckoned with. Join the fight to protect Earthrealm today.


Ascension Upgrade is a new and unique way to continue upgrading your Gold Characters! Ascended Gold Characters instantly become stronger with extra Fusions, and when Fusion V is reached they gain the ability to perform a BRUTALITY, just like their Diamond counterparts! Ascension upgrades will only be available for the featured Kombat Pass Character – Hanzo Hasashi Scorpion is up first!


Kombat Pass is a brand-new feature that offers a path to Ascend Gold characters and more ways to earn rewards by completing in-game Trials. Each Kombat Pass Season will run for 3-weeks only and will feature a special Gold Character that is available for Ascension. The Kombat Pass event is accessible for FREE with the possibility to get the Premium or Premium+ Pass to receive even more valuable rewards.


Embrace the MK nostalgia as you enter the Klassic Towers and face a variety of Klassic fighters like Klassic Movie Raiden, Klassic Scorpion, and Klassic Sub-Zero. Defeat the Towers for a chance to earn old school MK themed Equipment and a guaranteed Diamond fighter. This custom set of anniversary Equipment brings back some of our dearest memories!


Flawless Victory! Update 4.0 introduces the first-ever mobile FRIENDSHIP. Defeat the Klassic Towers for a chance to earn the Equipment needed to unleash Scorpion’s Teddy Bear Friendship.


Black Dragon Tremor steps it up with a new Brutality! Equip the new ‘90s arcade themed Equipment, Rockin’ Token, and Rockin’ Bowling Stones, to turn your opponents into a pile of liquid hot lava!


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