Mortal Kombat mobile Twisted Tower

Mortal Kombat mobile Twisted Tower will be the next tower to be played after Fatal Sorcerers Tower. This is the first time this tower will be coming to mortal Kombat mobile.

So, we will be revealing the rewards that will be come with twisted tower. Mind you this tower will come with the next update 3.7 and joker will be among the new characters mortal Kombat mobile will introduce info the game.

Mortal Kombat mobile Twisted Tower will feature guaranteed diamond and epic equipments with rare equipments and gold characters. Level 100 guarantees random diamond character while level 200 guarantees epic equipment and diamond tower reward character.

Mind you you can play this tower 10 times in a day but can also refresh it with 50 souls three times in a day making it 30 slots total in a day.


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