Mortal Kombat Twisted Tower fatal, equipments, rewards and bosses

Hello guys mortal Kombat mobile Twisted Tower fatal will start on 21st July 2022 and stop on August 22nd 2022.

Make sure you play with your strongest teams to conquer the towers and get your exclusive diamond and epic rewards.

Bosses you will face are mk11 teams and other diamond bosses. Rewards are one rare, one epic and 2 diamond characters for conquering the tower plus gold & gold challenge Characters.

Fatal BOSS Tower Gameplay + Rewards

Tower 20 – Gold Character

Tower 40 – Uncommon Tower Equipment

Tower 60 – Gold Character

Tower 80 – Rare or Uncommon Tower Equipment

Tower 100 – Guaranteed Random Diamond card

Tower 120 – Uncommon Tower Equipment

Tower 140 – Gold Character

Tower 160 – Guaranteed Rare Tower Equipment

Tower 180 – Random Diamond or Gold Character

Tower 200 – Guaranteed Diamond card and Epic Tower Equipment

You will get brutality set equipments make sure you play this tower and save souls in order to refresh.


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