My Daughter Fell Down From 5-Storey Building While Running Away From Punishment – Lady Narrates

A lady known as Adannaya Nwafor told BBC News how the incident of her daughter falling from a 5-storey building in Onitsha happened. A particular young girl reportedly fell from a 5-storey building in Onitsha, Anambra state. The mother of the girl told BBC how everything happened. Right now, the little girl is at the hospital receiving treatments.

Adannaya told BBC News that her daughter has been living with a particular lady for the past one year. The lady her daughter is staying with will always call her complaining to her that her daughter is very stubborn. When she calls, she asks her what her daughter does to her, she will reply that her daughter is always peeing on the mattress whenever she goes asleep.

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Peeing on the mattress is a normal thing for every little child, even you reading this article also peed on the mattress during your childhood. So this was the stubbornness the lady meant and always complain to her mother about. She told the lady to take it easy with her, that she will soon grow over it. She also advised her to make her pick a pin as a punishment instead of flogging her with canes.

The lady initially told her that she’s been flogging her daughter so that she will change but to no avail. She told her to stop flogging her, but punish her instead by making her pick a pin. So on a fateful day, as she was flogging her daughter for the same peeing reason.

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She ran around the house, then as the little girl was trying to escape from the flogging, she jumped from the window of the 5th floor of the building and landed on the ground. After the incident, many different stories have been flying around the vicinity, but the mother of the little girl just cleared the air about how the incident happened. By God’s grace, the little girl didn’t die, right now, she’s at the hospital receiving treatments.

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